143 – Good Feels

With Bill and Wyatt. Good stuff. Food, feels and things that we enjoy for the sake of enjoying them. Also, dog hugs.

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142 – Failure

With Bill and Wyatt. Fail hard. Fail Fast. It's good for you. Also - just a Wednesday night conversation.

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141 – Style

With Bill and Wyatt. Discussing something that never used to matter - but now it *might*. Kind of. Sometimes. Maybe. Also - this podcast has been running for like 3 years. Wild eh?

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140 – The Big Reveal

With Bill and Alex. Silliness. Also, general complaining before we figure out how to FIX this stuff. Also - this episode is kinda whiny, so, prepare yourself.

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139 – Figuring

With Bill and Alex. An episode dedicated to figuring out what's going on, before we break it all down, one last time. Also - finally uploaded!

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138 – Flacons de Fartes

With Bill, Wyatt and Jesse. A discussion about what makes us move forward. Finding the fire. Also - The ripper.

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137 – PUBG

With Bill and Wyatt. A chat about the best game ever (this week) - Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Also - All praise be to Chris D'elia.

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136 – Aquariums

With Bill and Wyatt An episode about building terrariums, aquariums and other enclosures for plants and animals.

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135 – Storium

With Bill and Wyatt We found a new platform for gaming - it's called Storium, an online storytelling game.

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133 – Warming

With Bill and Wyatt. An episode where the boys get super paranoid about global warming, losing crops and the end of the world. Also, softness in society.

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