Tabletop Gaming

Browse our selection of board games and roll some dice!

We’ve got an expanding collection of board games to fit all ages, from kid-friendly, family games to day-long dungeon-crawlers. We’re totally open to RPG gamers too – on Wednesday nights we host D&D and from time to time, our very own house game, Post Event!


Brantford’s only Games Workshop retailer!

We’ve got a wide array of paints, models and books for the popular wargaming systems and every weekend, we run games on our tables. With community-made terrain and an awesome, supportive community, we’re always looking for new players to chuck some dice!

Magic: the Gathering

Weekly events and the city’s largest selection of singles!

As many weekly events as we can handle, the store is home to Brantford’s growing MtG community. With weekly sales and binders full of unique singles, our shopkeep is well educated in deck-building and collecting. We’re WPN sanctioned too, so make your matches count!