Brantford’s home for hobbies.

Business Hours:

We take a day off at the beginning of the week to respawn, but the devil ain’t lazy. Come see us during our business hours to check out our community comic shelf or throw some dice. Our open days are steady and predictable, just the way it should be!

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Wednesday: 2:00pm – 8:00pm
Thursday: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday: Noon – 8:00pm
Sunday: Noon – 6:00pm

Call us anytime during our open hours to check stock or reserve your spot at one of our weekly events:


Weekly Events!

Every week, we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going on at [db]. From sanctioned Magic tournaments to friendly wargaming days, our doors are open to card gamers, war gamers and tabletop gamers alike. We’re known to run special events too. Keep up on Facebook for our latest upcoming events.

Tuesday – 6:00pm – M:tG Commander
Wednesday – Emlearal RPG Campaigns
Thursday – 6:00pm – DnD 5e Meetup
Friday – 6:00pm – Open Gaming
Saturday – Weekend Wargaming all Day Long
Sunday – Open Gaming / Wargaming

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Part of our approach to opening a local gaming store has been to create the building blocks for community. Instead of just selling games and keeping a shop, we’re trying to connect local gamers with like minded people and create a community around being a healthy, happy person. In doing so, our greater gaming community becomes stronger every day!

[db] Public Minecraft Group

[db] Magic: the Gathering Community

[db] Brantford Wargaming

[db] Steam Group

[db] Fitness


We’re the spot in town for local gamers to play and hang out. Between weekly Magic: the Gathering tournaments and a thriving miniature wargaming community, we run tabletop roleplaying games and we’ve got an awesome community behind us that is always open to new players. Our TV’s are always streaming twitch, speed runs and old school cartoons and best of all, we work really hard to make sure our store is inclusive and beneficial to the gaming community.

I recently moved to Brantford, I was searching for a place to play Magic the Gathering. What I found was a great place with a great group of people. MTG, Wargaming, and Board Games what more can you look for?
Chris Coyler, Facebook
As i’m fairly new to this end of nerd culture, the Devil’s Bench has completely blown my expectations out of the water. Whenever that door opens its not long before a genuine smile and a hot cup of coffee are sent your way.
James Hill, Facebook

Slay dragons, tap mana, defend your troops – all at [db].

Every week, we host a podcast that has over 100 hours of conversation between our two hosts, Bill and Wyatt. The show often features guests from our local gaming scene, people we admire on the internet and whomever else we can dupe into talking to us for an hour. The show is focused on pop culture, gaming and every once in a while, the shared philosophies of life between the two over-thinking hosts.

The show has been running for about two years and, after a particularly damaging event with an unruly web server, most of the older episodes had to be archived here. Since then, all the newer episodes can be found on iTunes or any other popular podcatcher. We’re always looking for new guests or interesting stories. Got someone in mind? Contact us!

From our top 5 videogames of all time to the depths of world peace and solving hunger, the boys have been known to be honest and up front about the topics that arise out of the endless tangential conversations on The Benchcast. Tune in every week on our website or downloaded to your device to catch the next Smarties vs. M&M’s monthly argument.